This is a picture and Flash page. Most of it is art that I drew and scanned and colored with Adobe Photoshop. Some pictures I drew in Photoshop. There are some Battletech book covers (which I did not draw). Lastly is a list of Flash works I did.

A lot of the images that were on this page have been taken down because they were being transferred to another website. I plan to link to them sometime in the future. For now the the missing images and flashes that i moved will be at the warhawkenterprises website under various headings. I plan to fix this sometime when i have more time.

*1 = someone else'e art that I retraced, added detail, colored
*2 = somone else's drawing I colored
*3 = Photo I worked on with Photoshop

Warhawk's Mech Pictures
Cammo Warhawk
Sierra Warhawk
Grunting Warhawk
Dire Wolf
Warhawk Rear
Warhawk Walking
Terrik Warhawk
Whongus Mad Dog
Whongus Missile Mech
Whongus Overlook
Whongus in Battle
Katya Mad Dog
Warstorm Timber Wolf
Warstorm from Below
Warstorm firing Missiles
Timber Wolf D
Baluth Nova Lasering
Baluth Nova Attacking
Kumah Stormcrow
Zanek Dire Wolf
Zanek Walking
Zanek Walking larger
Lynn Shadowcat
The Warcrow
*1 Polar Warhawk
*1 Warhawk Water-Cooled Alpha-Strike
*1 Grey Warhawk
*1 Desert Warhawk
*1 Dark Grey Warhawk
*1 Warhawk Red Sky
*1 Warhawk Blue Sky
*1 Forest Warhawk Dark
*1 Forest Warhawk and 2 Clan Warriors
*1 Forest Warhawk Signed
*1 Forest WarhawkPPC
*2 Megasa's Mad Dog
*3 CSH WarhawkFire Timby
*3 CSH WarhawkFire Fire Blue Bg
Khan Marthe Pryde
Kung Fu Warriors
Flying Jump Whong
Claw Fist Whong
Kung Fu Fight
Warhawk's Characters
Nunchaku Twirling Bochansi
Chain and Sickle
Sword Warrior
Sword Warrior (med)
Sword Warrior (large)
Jesse Sword Raise
Jesse Katana
Jesse Sword Unsheathing
Jairo Sitting
Poopia's Song
The Padantagonizer

BT Scans, etc.
Jade Falcon Warrior
Jade Falcon Warrior no text
Cassie Suthorn
Diana's Nova
Nova vs Black Lanner
Aidan's Summoner vs Mad Dog
Aidan's Timby
Vlad's Warhawk vs Executioner
Star Commander Joanna
Horse's Summoner
Way of the Clans
Elemental vs. Atlas
Ghost Bears
Timber Wolf vs. Elementals
Natural Selection
Prince of Havoc
Exodus Road
Wolf Pack
Lethal Heritage
Blood Legacy
Lost Destiny
Running Cougar

My Flash Works