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We live in Santa Rosa California and keep pigeons for enjoyment. We usually like to let them fly when they want to but we usually do not have an aviary how we want it, and sometimes we have to deal with nuisances like cats, opossums, hawks, and rats attacking our birds. When that happens we sometimes have to keep them inside until we can fix the problem, or till the pests leave or get uninterested. Over time we have gained and lost pigeons. We raised some from childhood, and bought some. Poopia was given to us by an old friend (Madeline).

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Poopia in Love drawing
Padantagonizer drawing, to irritate Poopia

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Some HEGs
Livia and a rabbit
Livia and a rabbit
This is Livia, one of my first two pigeons from way back, I think in 1985. He or she is sitting with one of my sister's rabbits. I got him or her with the old Tommy, not Tom the Tomb.
Young Poopia
Young Poopia
This is Poopia when he was Young in 1995. Poopia is an All Talk and No Action Type of guy. He thinks that Everything is defaulted that He is Best. He usually Loses in Battles.
Poopia Several Years Older
Poopia Several Years Older
Poopia Standing there on a wooden pole Looking Like an Owl
Dozer 'Yoze'
Dozer "Yoze"
Dozer 'Yozer'. That Wierdo. This pigeon was well known for plowing his or her opponents over the edge of their ledge or off their perch using the 'bulldozer' maneuver.
Poopia head
Poopia head
An Artisticified picture of Poopia's Head, altered with Photoshop filters.
Clone and Dozer
Clone and Dozer
Clone 'Boon', and Dozer sitting on a perch at Monty's house. The duo of unbest friends. They had to spend a lot of time together in that aviary. Clone became well known for his vocal 'wuck-wuck's and Dozer for his or her 'bulldozer' attacks when fighting.
Clone 'Booneep'
Clone "Booneep"
Clone on top of a Cage. Here he broke a bloodfeather and is a little bloody.
From the other side, Standing there kindof calm. Clone was sometimes quiet, but all it would take is the slightest movement, or him thinking something moved, and he would start up doing his vocal wuck-wucking.
Feb 03, 2003 -- WarhawkPPC